Need a new gas hot water unit?  We can safely remove the old one, recommend a reliable replacement,  supply, fit and test.  We can also extend your gas lines to new points, to service heaters, cookers and BBQs.


Maintaining your gas unit properly ensures it’s there when you need it.  Pilot light failing?  Poor supply of hot water?  Odd sounds from the pipes?  It’s probably time for some maintenance.

Hydraulic Design

Taking a 360 degree view of your hydraulic systems minimises the risk of blockages, backflows and other nasty events.  We can help plan your system to ensure it’s all up to standard and compliant with the regulations.

Underfloor heating

True, in Perth we seldom need heating.  But when we do, we’re all looking for something clean and reliable.  Underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular with people pouring floors for extensions.

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