A.H Plumbing and Gas provide a number of innovate and affordable water plumbing solutions.  Need a new hot water system or just repairs to your old one? We have the experience to do it quickly and affordably.  We can dispatch one of our qualified staff to assess the problem today.


A water leak doesn’t necessarily have to come from a tap.  Sometimes they are hidden in your walls doing unseen damage to foundations.  Our professional team can find and fix a leak no matter where it is.  Don’t get hit with a huge water bill. A leaking pipe losing just 5 drops every minute can result in a 1000 litres of water loss a year.


Whether you’re subdividing, renovating, extending or just maintaining your property, getting your on-site stormwater handling right saves you enormous money and headaches. During a flash storm, blocked or inefficient stormwater systems can do significant damage to your property.  We can assess, clean, repair and replace all stormwater components.


A.H Plumbing and Gas have a number of innovative solutions to fix the most stubborn blocked drain or pipe. We can use CCTV Drain Cameras to inspect and locate blockages without having to dig up your entire yard. We can also record the inspection and make a copy on DVD for review at a later date.

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