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Gas hot water systems are very popular in Western Australia. Advantages of gas hot water systems are that they:

  • Systems running in natural gas are generally cheaper to run than electric systems
  • Gas rates don’t vary through the day, so you don’t need to worry about peak and off-peak times
  • Gas hot water systems produce less greenhouse gases than most electric water heaters—around 25 to 33 per cent less.
  • Are usually cheaper to install than solar or heat pump hot water systems.

Advice and Maintenance

Whether it’s about an installation, maintenance or repair, A.H. Plumbing and Gas can give you 100% qualified advice and experienced services for your gas hot water system.

We are fully accredited to deliver all aspects of plumbing and gas work and can ensure your gas hot water system is working for you whenever you need it.

  • Types of Gas Hot Water Systems

    There are two main types of gas hot water systems:

    Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

    Gas storage water heaters heat water slowly and then store the hot water in an insulated tank for use when it is needed.  Because the water does not have to be heated as it goes through your tap, gas storage hot water systems supply hot water at mains pressure.

    Storage systems are a good choice if you need large quantities of hot water, for example to fill a bathtub.  However, you need enough space to house a large enough tank to serve the needs of your home.

    Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

    Gas continuous flow or instantaneous gas hot water systems only heat water when it’s required, rather than storing it. When a hot water tap turned on, water flows through pipes inside the unit which are heated by Natural Gas combustion.

    A continuous flow system means you can get as much hot water as you need without it running out. The units also fit into smaller spaces. However if your household uses a lot of hot water, they may be less cost effective than gas storage hot water systems.

  • Looking after your gas hot water system

    Gas hot water systems need to be serviced by a fully qualified and licensed gas fitter.  A.H. Plumbing and Gas can help.

    Did you know that an average person uses about 50L of hot water a day? Your gas hot water system is in high demand and you need a plumbing and gas specialist who can quickly respond when things go wrong

Qualified installation and servicing for Gas Hot Water Systems

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