Perth-pre-purchase-plumbing-inspectionsHome buyer? Beware of hidden surprises!

Ask yourself, would you look under the hood of a second hand car before purchasing it?

Buying a house is no different. Many couples, families and first home buyers in Perth fall into the trap of buying a house with undiscovered plumbing problems only to get hit by a huge repair bill months after moving in.

Inspections and reports for home buyers

If you want peace of mind for your next property purchase and want to avoid unexpected plumbing bills, contact A.H Plumbing and Gas today.  We will do a full pre-purchase inspection and produce a Home Plumbing Report for you before you buy, so you know upfront about any plumbing issues in your new property.

90% of the houses we inspect have one or more plumbing problems.  Usually they are small issues such as blocked drains or leaking taps, but every so often they can be large problems such as corroded hot water systems that would require thousands of dollars to fix.

Our Inspection and Home Plumbing Report arms you with the information you need before making your investment decision.


  • Home Plumbing Report

    Our Pre-Purchase Home Plumbing Report includes:

    • CCTV pipe, sewer & stormwater inspection (additional cost)
    • Pressure testing to ensure adequate water flow of all taps
    • Gutters and down pipe report, to find rust and potential money traps
    • Drainage report, to check drains are working and not blocked.
    • Main water line condition report
    • Condition report of all basins, showers, baths and taps
    • Toilet report, to check adequate capacity and condition
    • Gas ventilation system report, to make sure there is adequate ventilation for a gas heater
    • Hot water system life expectancy report
  • Protect your investment

    Book a Pre-purchase Home Plumbing inspection before you buy, and avoid unexpected expenses.

  • We inspect every day

    If you are thinking about buying a house,  contact us today.

    One of our licenced plumbers will conduct a full pre-purchase plumbing inspection on your potential property, so can you avoid getting hit with unpleasant surprises.

    We operate all over Perth 7 days a week and complete your report on-the-spot, so that you can decide whether to make an offer before you miss out.

Book your Pre-Purchase Inspection

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