Minimise damage and cost from leaks

Leak Detection and Repair

Was your last water bill inexplicably high? You may have an undetected leak. Leaks can be costly, both in terms of your water bill and the damage leaking water or waste could be doing to your property. Leaks are also a burden on the environment.

As a property owner you are responsible for all the pipes and fittings between the main and the buildings and taps on your property. A.H. Plumbing and Gas can help you quickly identify leaks on your property to save you money and headaches.

The source of leaks can be difficult for property owners identity. Undetected burst pipes can cause extensive damage to walls and flooring, with insurance claims adding to the paperwork.  Common causes of leaks include:

  • damage during installation or renovation
  • tree roots invading pipes
  • malfunctioning toilet cistern
  • unlicensed plumbing work

A.H. Plumbing and Gas uses specialised equipment to identify leaks.  As licenced plumbers, we are able to quickly make necessary repair and stop you leaking water and cash.

  • Signs you may have a leak

    1. Unexplained increase in your water bill
    2. Damp patches or flaking paint on walls or ceiling
    3. Musty smell
    4. Mould spots on the ceilings and walls
    5. Water meter still moves when all water sources are off
    6. Constant hissing noise
    7. Dripping taps

    Early intervention in leaks will help prevent unnecessary cost, damage and inconvenience. Check for these signs and call A.H. Plumbing and Gas for advice if you think you may have a leak.

  • Preventing leaks is important

    Are you noticing any of the following signs?

    • ‘Water hammer’ or banging pipes
    • Rusty valves or corroded fittings

    If left unattended these problems may eventually cause damage such as failure of fittings or burst pipes.

    Even small leaks can speed up pipe corrosion and lead to bigger problems. Keep an eye on your plumbing and check periodically for signs of leaks and drips.

Suspect a leak?

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